Friday, September 26, 2014

Kiss me under Flimsymoon Lingerie

 Kiss me under flimsymoon - an eight piece line consisting of two bras, four knickers and two collar accessories are their debut collection. It takes inspiration from the heroines of the Romantic Ballet. Demure, childlike shapes are offset by sexier details, creating a coy, flirtatious nymph-like look. 


The bras will fasten with a bow at the back, giving more adjustability, and the shape has been altered to give better hold.

For the sizing:
K N I C K E R S :
1 - UK 8-10
2 - UK 10 - 12
3 - UK 12 - 14

B R A S :
1 - A cup, adjustable band
2 - B cup, adjustable band
3 - C cup, adjustable band
4 - D cup, adjustable band.


Undine takes inspiration from it's water nymph namesake, combining opalescent silk velvet with abstract natural patterns. Foiling, 1920's beads, hand stitch and faux pearls decorate and dance, creating a Mother-of-Pearl like illusion.  

Watch this video:

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