Friday, September 26, 2014

Kiss me under Flimsymoon Lingerie

 Kiss me under flimsymoon - an eight piece line consisting of two bras, four knickers and two collar accessories are their debut collection. It takes inspiration from the heroines of the Romantic Ballet. Demure, childlike shapes are offset by sexier details, creating a coy, flirtatious nymph-like look. 


The bras will fasten with a bow at the back, giving more adjustability, and the shape has been altered to give better hold.

For the sizing:
K N I C K E R S :
1 - UK 8-10
2 - UK 10 - 12
3 - UK 12 - 14

B R A S :
1 - A cup, adjustable band
2 - B cup, adjustable band
3 - C cup, adjustable band
4 - D cup, adjustable band.


Undine takes inspiration from it's water nymph namesake, combining opalescent silk velvet with abstract natural patterns. Foiling, 1920's beads, hand stitch and faux pearls decorate and dance, creating a Mother-of-Pearl like illusion.  

Watch this video:

Visit their site now: :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Singing Bee

I kept on laughing about this video because we look so stupid and all but despite of
our stupid faces and the things that we've been doing here in the video, I still decided
to upload it. Hahaha Have fun watching! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Must have for MAY!

 I always wanted to have this creeper-comic shoes because compared to wearing heels,
this shoes is such a win-win 'cause it's so comfortable to wear and it adds to my
height. Hello 5'2!!! hahahaha

 Party dress. Even though this dress is just simple but i love it! It gives the sexiness in
you because of the see-through design.

 Since it's summer, these bikinis are a must have. The design is vintage like and it is so
in nowadays :)

Oh. I love this sunglasses. It's so chic and it has an amazing design.

What's your fave? :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BMW on!

 Today is just an ordinary day again for me in which I'm stuck here in our "peaceful, lovely" home. *aahhhhh
Can you believe it that i've been staying here for almost 1 week already?! Yes, you've read it right well it's
because my mom doesn't want me to hang out with my friends.*booooo
What a boring way to end the summer, eh?
But no, no ,no ......

I'm not gonna waste my remaining summer vacation lying on bed, watching movies for
the whole day 'cause from now on, I'm gonna share again with you guys what I've been doing for
the past few years which is tenteneneng teneng!!!!


To blog about MY OUTFIT. :">

So, for the past few years this has already been my hobby
posing in front of the camera and uploading it here in my blog and I'm doing it again starting now. :)


 This is what I wore today, a sweatshirt and skater skirt.

BMW sweatshirt | Flying Camel

 Necklace | Romwe

 Skirt | Romwe

  Flats | Tory Burch

It's good to be back and I swear I'm never ever gonna leave my site again. EVER!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nothing beats it.

Today is another day for a kick of a fresh start, ain't that right? Hmmm. Why not top it off with a delicious snack to start the day? 
As of my 'start' within this fine early morning, I made the oh so famous snack that are usually made in camping.. S'mores! One movie taught me on how the word s'mores was created. It was when a little boy saw these delicious snacks on a plate and kept on saying, "some more, some more, some more, smore" hmmm. Short & awesome story but what makes it more 'awesome'? I made it into a tower!! How cool is that? lol nothing beats a s'more tower, not unless you're up for a challenge? I'm ready with my kung-fu/artisty/pastry s'mores skills! Haha 
                     I'm crazy weird, sorry. 

I want some more, some more, some more, some more s'mores.

  How about you?
     What is your kick start this morning?