Saturday, May 24, 2014

BMW on!

 Today is just an ordinary day again for me in which I'm stuck here in our "peaceful, lovely" home. *aahhhhh
Can you believe it that i've been staying here for almost 1 week already?! Yes, you've read it right well it's
because my mom doesn't want me to hang out with my friends.*booooo
What a boring way to end the summer, eh?
But no, no ,no ......

I'm not gonna waste my remaining summer vacation lying on bed, watching movies for
the whole day 'cause from now on, I'm gonna share again with you guys what I've been doing for
the past few years which is tenteneneng teneng!!!!


To blog about MY OUTFIT. :">

So, for the past few years this has already been my hobby
posing in front of the camera and uploading it here in my blog and I'm doing it again starting now. :)


 This is what I wore today, a sweatshirt and skater skirt.

BMW sweatshirt | Flying Camel

 Necklace | Romwe

 Skirt | Romwe

  Flats | Tory Burch

It's good to be back and I swear I'm never ever gonna leave my site again. EVER!


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    1. Thank you, Hinaz! :)
      Sure! I'll visit your blog and follow you back :)