Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nothing beats it.

Today is another day for a kick of a fresh start, ain't that right? Hmmm. Why not top it off with a delicious snack to start the day? 
As of my 'start' within this fine early morning, I made the oh so famous snack that are usually made in camping.. S'mores! One movie taught me on how the word s'mores was created. It was when a little boy saw these delicious snacks on a plate and kept on saying, "some more, some more, some more, smore" hmmm. Short & awesome story but what makes it more 'awesome'? I made it into a tower!! How cool is that? lol nothing beats a s'more tower, not unless you're up for a challenge? I'm ready with my kung-fu/artisty/pastry s'mores skills! Haha 
                     I'm crazy weird, sorry. 

I want some more, some more, some more, some more s'mores.

  How about you?
     What is your kick start this morning?